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Music Journalism | Scenes From Backstage

In this video series, show creator/host Krystal McRae goes behind the scenes and talks music and life with some of New York City's amazing local bands. The groups that we have the honor of interviewing keep it raw and real, and are rocking the NYC music scene with their badass tracks.


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Hosted by Krystal McRae

Produced, directed, filmed, and edited by Mer Stern

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Scenes From Backstage:


Join us for the first episode of Scenes From Backstage! Tonight we interview Brooklyn-based thrash pop-punk band Nihiloceros at their single release party for "A.N.U.S." If you've never seen guitarist/vocalist Mike Borchardt shred before, you need to change that asap because it's pretty incredible. Check them out on social: @nihiloceros

Scenes From Backstage:

Home Seeker

Join us for episode two of Scenes From Backstage where we go behind the scenes with Poughkeepsie's Home Seeker. These guys keep it raw and real--they tell it like it is and will make you laugh. Also, they are just pretty badass. You can follow the band @Homeseekerband on social.​

Scenes From Backstage:


Get ready to have your souls rocked and your hearts warmed. In this episode, we sit down with the incredibly badass and down to earth punk trio, Groupie. The NYC-based band talks about the surprising power of Craigslist, how they got started in music, writing about the important topics, and whether or not cake or pie is better. Trust us, you don't want to miss these guys! @groupie_teh_band

Scenes From Backstage:

Fat Heaven

This band will take you to punk heaven. For episode 4 we sat down with badass punk trio, Fat Heaven. These guys are funny as hell and will have you moshing in your living room. You can find the band on social: @fatheavenband

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