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Sounds of Justice | Documentary

Sounds of Justice: It’s Punk to Care

A conversation about how we can make the NYC music scene a more inclusive space as the city opens up again.


The New York City music scene is an amazing place filled with incredible musicians and bands. But even in a city as diverse as New York there are still issues of racism, sexism, and bigotry in many ways. These ongoing issues—whether they are microaggressions, harassment, or overt racism and sexism—can no longer be ignored. Luckily, many musicians in the NYC punk scene in particular are also dedicated activists who have been using their platforms to create safer spaces for marginalized groups. And let’s be honest, they also just rock. During quarantine, writer and beloved punk regular Krystal McRae virtually sat down with some amazing folks in the NYC punk community to talk about both their music and activism in the scene. Featured musicians include Honeychild Coleman, Gayla Brooks, Kate Hoos, and Mike Borchardt. Through music and conversation, this inspiring group discusses both the issues and triumphs in our scene, as well as the important role of allies in the music scene and beyond.


Over the course of this incredibly challenging time, one thing has become clear: things need to change, and the time is now. Our time inside has given us the rare opportunity to really reflect on what needs to be done to make the music scene a safer and more inclusive place for marginalized groups. Through intersectional lenses of continuous racism and sexism, the COVID-19 pandemic, ongoing political chaos in America, police brutality, and our country’s long overdue racial reckoning, Sounds of Justice starts a conversation about how we can move forward. As the city and music scene open up again, let’s open up better than we left things.


Sounds of Justice Host:

Krystal McRae of Scenes from the Underground (IG: @scenesfromtheunderground)


Featured Musicians (in order of appearance):

Gayla Brooks of Fat Heaven (IG: @fatheavenband)

Kate Hoos of Witch Slap (IG: @witch.slap)

Mike Borchardt of Nihiloceros (IG: @nihiloceros)

Honeychild Coleman of The 1865 (IG: @the1865band)



Mer Stern



Kimberly Cionca

Krystal McRae

Mer Stern

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