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Photo Series | Theatricality of Life

Theatricality of Life

My goal in creating this body of work was to portray the theatricality of life through constructed scenes made up of knick knacks from different points of my life. The figures and subjects of these images are favorite childhood toys, which stand in front of richly patterend backgrounds made up of scarves, pillow cases, homemade clothing, and other materials that I happened upon. Once removed from their usual environment, these steadfast subjects ironically began to take on strong personalities. I enjoyed playing with the line between reality and drama and seeing how I could dissolve the boundaries between them. In addition, the images are meant to draw attention to the process by which we observe art. 

Photo Series | The Dimension of Memory

What if memory were a place—a quiet old attic locked away in our minds, filled with the things that matter to us, that for some reason stuck with us over the course of our lives? Although usually shut tight, the door of your memory can be unlocked by a simple acknowledgement of its existence. Old books and photographs are scattered about the room. There’s a painting that you saw as a child, and for some reason that you can’t put into words, it made an impression on you. There’s the little grandfather clock you used to play with, and that fancy, ancient armchair from your grandmother’s house that you liked to sit in and feel grown up—it’s all there. Maps, papers, photographs that could break your young heart all over again...But your attic isn’t filled with objects alone. It is infinite, ceiling-less, filled with sticky thoughts and recurring childhood dreams and nightmares, all floating above. Why do we remember and why can’t we forget? Only you know. What would live in your memory?

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